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The "Original" Charlie Bar is a halligan with a twist. When collapsed it is the standard 30" but at the push of a button can be extended to any length up to 44". Perfect for any Irons firefighter or SWAT team member.


Why buy the "Original" 30" Charlie Bar?

You like a standard size/setup of the halligan (adz and fork)

Huge increase in mechanical advantage for tough doors 33% more leverage




Mates perfectly with your axe or maul

Perfect for a heavy irons set up

The Original Charlie Bar - 30" Extendable

  • Drop forged ends

    Alloy steel construction

    Cerakote Elite finish

    Weight: 13lb

    Collapsed length: 30"

    Extended length: 44"

  • Clean tool after each use with a soft cloth or brush. Warm soap and water, dry after cleaning. Do not submerge tool for cleaning. A small amount of 3 in 1 oil can be used on the inner shaft and button mechanism, wipe excess with a clean rag.

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