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Our Heritage bar was designed for the traditionalist that wants a down and dirty, tried and true Halligan. With broad shoulders, and a wide crotch area this fork is perfectly designed for forcing. Our adz is 2" and has the perfect curavature to lock in your bar and sneak past the door stop. This is the only halligan around that can "mate" to itself for the perfect two halligan irons set.


Why buy The 30" Heritage?

  • The only halligan that is designed to mate up with another halligan
  • Nearly perfectly balanced
  • Super strong alloy steel
  • Drop forged ends
  • Perfectly tuned


*Final production bars will have a 5" knurled grip in the center of the handle.

*Kelly style is a special order and may require additional lead time

*Engraving will be in ALL CAPS

The Heritage 30"

    • Drop forged ends
    • Alloy steel contruction
    • Cerakote Elite finish
    • Weight: 10lb
    • Length: 30"
  • Clean tool after each use with a soft cloth or brush. Warm soap and water, dry after cleaning. A small amount of 3 in 1 oil should be used on the working ends, wipe excess with a clean rag.

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