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When mobility is your priority, the 22" extendable is compact and agile while still extending out like a standard bar. This tool can also mate with 28"-36" handled axe or mate to another SC halligan to make the perfect irons set. When collapsed it is just 22" but at the push of a button can be extended to out for impressive leverage.


Why buy the 22" Extendable?

  • You like the traditional adz and fork combination
  • You are looking for a tool that is easy to carry but can do some serious work
  • Mates perfectly with your short handled striking tool but maintains an impressive mechanical advantage ratio of 14.5:1.
  • Can mate to a second Halligan bar!


PLEASE NOTE: "Kelly style" without the pick is a special order item

*Engraving will be ALL CAPS

The Worker - 22" Extendable

Estimated delivery July/Aug 2024
  • Drop forged ends


    Alloy steel construction


    Cerakote Elite finish


    Weight: 11lb with pick, 10.3lb without the pick


    Collapsed length: 22"


    Extended length: 29"

  • Clean tool after each use with a soft cloth or brush. Warm soap and water, dry after cleaning. Do not submerge tool for cleaning. 3 in 1 oil should be used on the inner shaft and trigger mechanism often, wipe excess with a clean rag.

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