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The Helo Bar was designed to be small and compact but capable of some serious work. Easily tucked under the officers seat or carried in a backpack yet it can force most any door. Perfect for any officer, SWAT or Military personnel.


Why buy the Helo Bar?

  • You want a personal tool that was designed for Breaching, not home improvement
  • You care about speed, mobility, and easy carrying
  • You want a tool that has some guts and can force a door
  • You dont want a pick to get in your way or cause injury when carried on the back


*Engraving will be in ALL CAPS

The Helo Bar

  • Drop forged ends

    Alloy steel construction

    Cerakote Elite finish

    Weight: 7.5lb

    Length 23.5"

  • Clean tool after use with a soft cloth or brush. Warm soap and water, dry after cleaning. A small amount of 3 in 1 oil should be used on the working ends, wipe excess with a clean rag.

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